May 30, 2013

Colored mascara

We all love mascara, it is actually my favorite beauty product for the eyes because it makes your lashes longer, fuller and it brightens the eye making it look bigger.But  today I'm proposing you an alternative to the classic black mascara.You can get inspired by the runways and add color not only on your eyeshadow but on your mascara too.
If you plan on changing your usual black or brown mascara then chose one depending on your eye color and the time of day you're going to use it.For a party you can go crazy with any color you want but for a day look chose a more subtle one.Although it looks great and it makes your eyes pop I don't recommend to wear it at your daily office job.

Chose your shade

The safest way you can experiment with a colored mascara on your pretty eyelashes is by using a blue shade.It looks good on everyone, even if you're a blonde or a brunette.Just think how beautiful would look turquoise blue lashes with light blonde hair!
 A purple shade flatters most skin tones and it looks good especially on brown and hazel eyes because it emphasizes the green tones in your eyes.
You can even go for a bold green shade on your mascara or why not a pink/fuchsia if you dare.

Colored mascara

Yves Saint Laurent mascara / Yves Saint Laurent mascara / Yves Saint Laurent mascara / Yves Saint Laurent mascara

Tips for wearing bright mascara:

  • use an eyelash curler before applying mascara (you should do this no matter the color for a bigger effect)
  • apply it only at the tips of your lashes for a subtle effect
  • for a crazy party you can go bold by using one color on top lashes and a different one on the bottom
  • for a deep color apply two coats of mascara and allow lashes to dry before the second coat
  • use a black liner to add contrast and emphasize the color of the mascara or use neutral eyeshadow tones
  • if you just want to see how you'd look with colored mascara you can apply your normal mascara and before it dries out add colored eyeshadow with a brush on top of you eyelashes while looking down
Have you ever tried colored mascara on your lashes?Do you like it?



May 27, 2013

Floral flats

Just a short outfit post with my new pair of floral flats.Simple and casual as always.

May 25, 2013

Remix: royal blue skirt

                             Color blocking                                                       Stripes & maxi

I am a fan of maxi skirts and these are two of my favorite outfits wearing a maxi skirt.In the first photo I tried a color blocking outfit, while in the second one I added a striped top (stripes are so in right now) and a black blazer.
I've worn these outfits some time ago, but I was curious which outfit you like better.So don't be shy and tell me your opinion.


May 23, 2013

Rainy day

My days are really long lately, so don't expect to see some fancy looks soon.Basically my outfits are pretty comfortable these days, just jeans, a t-shirt and a cardigan if it's cold.But I like to add a nice necklace like this one to make my outfit prettier.I received this necklace yesterday from Clothingloves and I couldn't wait to wear it.Unfortunately the weather wasn't nice at all.We shot these photos really fast, because it already started raining.It was so clouded and dark outside, that this is the best I could take with my camera.I'm hoping for better days this weekend.
I talked to you about Clothingloves in a previous post.It is an online shopping store that offers Men's Clothing, blouses for women, skirts, dresses, jewelry and even cheap bridesmaid dress.The wedding season is coming so you might find a pretty dress in their store.

 And here are some other items you can find at Clothingloves

Have you ever bought anything from Clothingloves? Check out their site, you might find something you like.

May 19, 2013

New in

Hi, lovelies!Do you remeber the post I made about Efoxcity?Well, I ordered this beautiful necklace and received it a couple of days ago.I wore it with a simple t-shirt and a pair of beige jeans as I needed a comfy outfit to run around city, but you can wear it in many different ways.
If you like it you can find it here.

I browsed their online store and found some nice pieces I want to share with you.

Their store offers a great selection of jewelry, clothes for women, men, evening dresses and even wedding dresses.I was captivated by the collection of evening dresses and wedding dresses and I think I spent hours looking at them.So, go check their website.I only showed you a few of the beautiful products they offer.

May 14, 2013

Color blocking

Blazer: Zara / Top & Skirt: Local store / Flats & Bag: H&M / Sunglasses: New Yorker

Color blocking is a trend that was really popular starting with 2011 when it was present on all major runways. It was soon adopted by many celebrities and fashion bloggers.This trend is all about being bold and playing with colors.If you want to create a color blocking outfit avoid prints and just wear solid colors.If you don't dare to combine separate pieces and still want to adopt this trend than you can just wear a color blocked dress and add simple accessories.
You may not know this, but I love colors. I don't really dare to wear them so I've made friends with black and I rarely step out of my comfort zone.This is one of those times and I dared even more and  went for a color blocking outfit.It's so fun to combine different colors that I think I will break up with dark colors.Sorry, black, you've been so faithful, but I'll try to wear you less.


May 12, 2013

Summer dresses

Summer caught us by surprise this year and since the sun is shining bright is time to talk about summer dresses.Colored, printed, with ruffles, sporty or elegant anything works.This season you can find in stores many great options: bright colors or pastels, floral or geometric print, with stripes or dots anything you want.Although stripes are a big trend now, my favorite print for this summer is the ethnic print.I've seen many great reinterpretations in Zara and Stradivarius that I'd love to wear.And for a cold day you just add a cardigan or a blazer and you'll look super chic.And don't forget about accessories, they are a must for very summer outfit.
I've browsed the online stores to find the most beautiful dress and made a short selection.Which one do you like?



May 10, 2013

Vote my look

Don't forget to vote my look! If you like this outfit you can vote for me here until 31 May, it only takes a sec.
M-am inscris la un concurs pe site-ul The One si daca va place tinuta mea ma puteti vota toata luna!Nu trebuie sa faceti cont, doar sa dati un click pe butonul "voteaza".
You are the best! Thank you!


May 6, 2013

Floral print

DIY bracelets

Hello, my lovely readers! So, Easter passed too and I hope you had a beautiful holiday and spent it with your family and your loved ones.I can't believe almost half a year passed and soon I will no longer be a student.I still have to finish my final paper and pass the exams, but there's so little time til that.
Anyways, let's go back to the fashion part and today's outfit post.This is what I wore yesterday: a floral maxi dress that I bought a couple of years ago from Takko, my H&M flats and sunnies that you already know, I added on top this pink/burgundy blouse from C&A and DIY bracelets.Yes, I made them and I wanted to show them to you too.Of course they are in purple, my favorite color.
I love the feeling of flowy, long dresses.They make me feel feminine and combined with flats they make me feel dressy but still casual for a walk in the park or going out with friends for a coffee.
What do you think of my bracelets?DO you like them or shoul I stop making them?