May 30, 2013

Colored mascara

We all love mascara, it is actually my favorite beauty product for the eyes because it makes your lashes longer, fuller and it brightens the eye making it look bigger.But  today I'm proposing you an alternative to the classic black mascara.You can get inspired by the runways and add color not only on your eyeshadow but on your mascara too.
If you plan on changing your usual black or brown mascara then chose one depending on your eye color and the time of day you're going to use it.For a party you can go crazy with any color you want but for a day look chose a more subtle one.Although it looks great and it makes your eyes pop I don't recommend to wear it at your daily office job.

Chose your shade

The safest way you can experiment with a colored mascara on your pretty eyelashes is by using a blue shade.It looks good on everyone, even if you're a blonde or a brunette.Just think how beautiful would look turquoise blue lashes with light blonde hair!
 A purple shade flatters most skin tones and it looks good especially on brown and hazel eyes because it emphasizes the green tones in your eyes.
You can even go for a bold green shade on your mascara or why not a pink/fuchsia if you dare.

Colored mascara

Yves Saint Laurent mascara / Yves Saint Laurent mascara / Yves Saint Laurent mascara / Yves Saint Laurent mascara

Tips for wearing bright mascara:

  • use an eyelash curler before applying mascara (you should do this no matter the color for a bigger effect)
  • apply it only at the tips of your lashes for a subtle effect
  • for a crazy party you can go bold by using one color on top lashes and a different one on the bottom
  • for a deep color apply two coats of mascara and allow lashes to dry before the second coat
  • use a black liner to add contrast and emphasize the color of the mascara or use neutral eyeshadow tones
  • if you just want to see how you'd look with colored mascara you can apply your normal mascara and before it dries out add colored eyeshadow with a brush on top of you eyelashes while looking down
Have you ever tried colored mascara on your lashes?Do you like it?




  1. I prefer black mascara :)
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  2. Great tips!


  3. These look gorgeous. I haven't tried a coloured mascara yet, but I hope to!

  4. So nice your post about colored mascara! Once I wore bright blue mascara :) and a friend looked at me and said "it looks so weird"! So I never used it anymore! But I think I would like to try the purple one you showed! Sorry I didn't comment before, I was very jet lagged last week, but now things are normal again!

  5. Love coloured mascara, I have only tried the turquoise one before but would like to test out the vibrant violet! I appreciate your opinion on my last post...Happy Friday!

  6. YSL is the one I always use too!! Perfect!

  7. I don't know if I would ever use a colored mascara. :)

    Would you like us to follow each other? I would love to follow your blog. :)

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  10. like the idea of trying on tips of my lashes - love YSL so may give it a go one day!Love your blog, have followed with GFC. Check out my blog if you can :)

  11. I really like the tip about only applying it to the tip of your lashes - this hadn't occurred to me and the thought of full-blue eyelashes had scared me away....good idea!
    And yes I would love to follow each other - I've followed you on BlogLovin.
    I've had a read back through some of your posts and they're really good. I think we have a similar style!


  12. I would definitely use it for some cool photoshoot or to go out at night!
    I'd love to have one in pink or green!

    Oh and girl I saw your comment on my blog and yes I'd like to follow each other :)
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    :-* Keep in touch,

  13. I saw something like this on Pintrest, and it's so cool! Definitely have to try! :) Awesome post, check me out if you get a chance :)
    Penny Rose

  14. very nice :)
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  15. i would love to try colored mascara!

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  16. I love those Ysl mascara !

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    Patricia :)

  17. i love coloured mascara. great tips
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  18. I've wanted to try this for ages, maybe purple. You just reminded me!


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