February 27, 2014

Spring trend: floral print

Spring is just around the corner, and what better way to feel like it's spring than wearing floral printed items?
We've seen this trend on the runways for years and it's still a big trend for this year too. A floral printed item can help you achieve a feminine, romantic look. If you want to create a more edgy outfit you can add a biker leather jacket like I'm showing you in the last collage. 

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How to wear it:

The key to achieve a corect outfit is to keep the floral printed item the main focus of the look, keeping the rest of the outfit simple (or you can play with the prints like Olivia Palermo does, but you have to be a master at this, just like her).

Jacket : exact one here

February 19, 2014

Almost spring

The days are getting warmer so I changed the knee boots for ankle boots and a light dress combined with a sweater. The best trick for transitioning to spring is layering, because you can always take a layer off when the weather gets warmer. It's the third time I'm wearing this dress on the blog, this means I really like it :))
And I just ordered a similar one, in a clover print. And no, it's not green. Check it out here and tell me if you like it.

IMG_20140219_153338 cut
img_20140219_153648 cut
IMG_20140219_153656 cut

Wearing: Sweater: Persunmall / Dress: H&M / Boots: Deichmann

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February 8, 2014

Dusty rose

Today I'm showing you the last item I received from Rosewholesale - this black and white pearl necklace. What I love most about it is that you can wear it with any colors and it is has a ribbon instead of a chain, so you can make it as long or as short as you want too. The price isn't that big ($4.83) and the shipping is free. Although on Rosewholesale you can find thousands of products at low prices, my favorite is the jewelry section. They offer so many beautiful designs and statement pieces that can turn your outfit from dull to fabulous!

necklace 1
necklace 2
necklace 3
necklace 4
necklace 5
 Necklace : here / Jeans: New Yorker / Sweater: H&M

February 6, 2014

Polka dot details

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Rosewholesale to review some of their products. After browsing on their site I decided to buy this beige blazer, an oval white ring and a necklace.
I was a bit scared that the blazer won't fit me (that is my biggest fear when shopping online), but fortunately it was exactly my size. And the polka dot details make it more fashionable. The necklace is definitely worth it's money because is multifunctional, you can wear it as a necklace or you can take of the rings and wear them as... rings. The black and gold one is adjustable, while the others are fixed. And the white ring looks great too and is adjustable.
A tip to remember when buying on Rosewholesale - browse for items that ship in 24h otherwise you might have to wait a while until your package leaves for its destination.




February 1, 2014

Denim & leopard

          What I love about winter is ... nothing. Well, maybe just the mulled wine. But that I can also drink cold in spring, for example, and it tastes just as good. So, yes, if winter could be wiped out of the calendar I'd be really happy with less seasons and temperatures between 15°C and 25°C. As you can see everything is white. You might think that's nice, but this snow will stay here untill March. That if it won't snow again, then we won't get rid of it untill Easter which is in April. 
        What a pleasure to take photos at minus 8°C, right? At least I have a cozy sweater to keep me warm (You can find it here). I really like my new beige sweater with little dots of color. Beige (and earth tones in general) can be quite dull, but not this one cause it has little splashes of yellow, orange, burgundy, blue, green in it. It also has a longer back but I wasn't able to show to you as I literally froze after 2 photos. But at least I was smiling for you, guys! I also have other ideas on how to wear it, but I'll have to wait for warmer days, which won't happen soon.

Till next time when I'll be back with a new round of my adventures in the snow! 

Sweater : here  /  Bag : here  /  Jeans, sunglasses: H&M / Parka : C&A

DSCI1250edit 4

DSCI1248 edit
DSCI1253 edit 2
DSCI1252 edit
DSCI1254 edit
DSCI1259 edit

Sweater : here  /  Bag : here  /  Jeans, sunglasses: H&M / Parka : C&A

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