February 27, 2013

PLL fashion - Aria

Aria has a unique, edgy, bohemian style.She combines vintage with boho creating outfits full of originality, some of the pieces actually look like they are made by her.Her style balances a soft look with a rebellious part (she wears skirts and dresses with leather jackets or biker boots).She tends to wear lots of layers, combine different textures and fabrics.We see her very often wearing tights, thigh-highs, knee socks - they are actually great for transitioning from summer to fall.Wear your summer dress with knee socks or tights, biker boots and a leather jacket for a chic autumn look!
If you like Aria's style and want to embrace it then think outside the box and be original!
Colors: black, brown, plum, aubergine
Accessories: feather earrings
Shoes: combat boots, knee high boots
Signature items: leather jacket, and legwear: socks, tights

Here is an outfit idea inspired by Aria's style.Hope you like it!

February 26, 2013

PLL fashion

Since Gossip Girl ended last December I needed a new series in which fashion played a big part.So, thanks to a friend I found Pretty Little Liars and not only they have fashionable clothes, they are also accessible too.What I love most about this series is that the outfits are easy to recreate.
I bet that everyone knows the story about the four pretty little liars and how they lie in order to find the truth so I'm gonna talk about the fashion part now.What is great about these four characters is that they have different styles that sets them apart.Hanna is feminine and glamorous, Aria combines vintage with a bit of boho, Spencer prefers classic pieces, even menswear inspired looks and Emily is the athletic one wearing more casual clothes.

Source: Pinterest
Do you like this show?Let me know.
I'll come back with a post about every character.


February 25, 2013

Celeb style - Taylor Swift

I'm crazy about polka dots lately so for today's "Celeb style" post I chose this chic outfit that Taylor Swift wore while she was in London in November 2012.You can easily recreate the outfit by wearing a pair of oxblood pants, a black and white polka dot sweater and some cute flats.I changed the black flats that she's wearing with these loafers because I find them too adorable.Kinda expensive for me (248$ from J.Crew) but I love them!At least I found a cheap sweater at 18$ from Forever21 to use for this look.Let me know what you think!

Celeb style
Forever 21 knit top / Tory Burch slim fit jeans / Loafers j crew / Leather laptop messenger bag / Sunglasses , $6.10




February 19, 2013

Outfit post

First of all I want to thank you for following me and being so supportive. With your help I reached 400 followers! I hope that you like my posts and that I won't dissapoint you in the future.
These are just some photos that I took the other day when I went shopping with my mom.It was freezing outside but I managed to take some shots.I went for something casual and black as I usually do in winter with one of my favorite scarves .Anyways, I also changed my hair style and finally got the ombre that I long wanted.I'm thinking of trying a red one too after I get bored with this one.
Let me know what you think!

Coat: Kiabi / Jeans: Only / Boots: Deichmann / Bag: H&M



February 18, 2013

Celeb style - Stacy Keibler

Bring spring with a pair of peachy jeans! As much as I wish for warmer days to come the weather is still cold and gloomy.So I say we take our minds from the cold weather and take a look at  Stacy Keibler's outfit.She looks great in a pair of orange jeans, a navy coat and beaded blue necklace.I really like this simple, effortless chic ensemble for a casual day.

Celeb style

Oasis knit sweater, $28 / Double breasted coat / J Brand skinny jeans / Ann Taylor retro shoes / ASOS collar necklace / ASOS oversized sunglasses

 What do you think about her outfit?



February 15, 2013

Change the leopard print for the snake print

According to the Chinese calendar 2013 is the year of the snake and it started a few days ago.Snake years are sixth in the cycle following the Dragon Years and happen every twelve year.
Here are some things that I found about the Snake sign while googling on the Internet:
1. Ideal compatibility with: Ox and Rooster.
2. More or less compatible with: Rat, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep.
3. Absolutely incompatible with: Tiger and Pig.
4. Lucky colors for the Snake: Yellow, Red
5. Lucky directions for the Snake: Southwest, Northeast
6. Lucky numbers for the Snake: 2, 4, 7, and 9.
7. Monday is the lucky day of the week for Snakes. 

What's your sign in the Chinese horoscope?I'm a goat or sheep.

Going to the fashion part we've seen this print on the Spring 2013 runways of Gucci, Valentino and Reed Krakoff.It may seem quite intimidating to wear a reptilian print but it's not that hard.When incorporating this print into your outfit don't wear it from head-to-toe, instead add one printed item and keep the rest simple.
What I like about this print is that it looks expensive and luxurious.If you're not a big fan of the snake print  you can use small accessories to spice out a simple outfit.An interesting twist to the classical look is the colored snake print that makes your outfit outfit look more edgy.
I've picked some stylish items with a snake print to celebrate the Chinese year.My favorite items from this collage are the emerald shoes from Kate Spade (I'd buy them in a sec!), the clutches and the necklace.I think they can really spice up your outfit.

 Snake print

Lanvin short dress / Vero Moda , $27 / Miu Miu high heel / Kate Spade high heel / Whistles high heel / Ravel strappy wedge, $47 / Jimmy Choo leather tote / KOTUR / House of Harlow 1960 red clutch / Sidney Garber pearl jewelry / Anita Ko snake ring, $18,950 / Ileana Makri snake ring / Gripoix gold plated jewelry / Kenneth Jay Lane snake jewelry / Accessorize cuff jewelry / Wallis metal jewelry / chinese new year, year of the snake - set of 10 cards

Do you like the snake print?Would you wear it?



February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day outfits

Valentine's Day, only a couple of days apart!If you plan on celebrating it this year have you thought already what to wear? Here are some suggestions for outfits depending on where you are spending it.
First of all I'd say keep it casual and feminine with a touch of edge, for on outfit that is both relaxed and playful.
For a casual date I'd pair this super cute heart print sweater that also has some sparkle in it with a simple pair of jeans and some flats.It reminds of love and Valentine's day, but it's not too exaggerated.

 Casual date

If you plan on going to a rock concert, then why not wear a printed pair of leggings, with a long top and a leather jacket? I know, nothing on this look reminds of Valentine's Day, but you can play with accessories if you want and add some color.

 Rock concert

For date night at a fancy restaurant wear a killer dress and pumps to make you look sexy.If you want to wear red or pink shades then focus on just one piece like the dress/skirt/top or heels.
As the beauty part go for a natural makeup, with big lashes and a pretty pink lipstick, and loose waves.Men love a style that looks natural and feminine.


All items are from Topshop



February 11, 2013

Celeb style

Olivia Palermo is a true fashionista.Whether she  attends a social event, or just goes for a walk in the park with her dog she always looks super stylish.This is just one of her great looks which I tried to recreate using affordable items.And it's not hard to achieve a look like this: take your favorite pair of skinnies, add a top, a green blazer, an oversized clutch and finish with a pair of super cute loafers.
What do you think of my celeb style for less?

Celeb style

GUESS knit top, $105 / H&M lace top, $13 / Blazer / Topshop / Topshop leather loafer / Jocasi leather handbag



February 9, 2013

Heart shaped pancakes

Let's make everything in the shape of a heart this month! I made some heart pancakes  and I think they would look really nice on Valentine's Day.Wouldn't you like to be surprised with a breakfast in bed like this? I would! They don't look perfect, I'm not a good cook, but at least they tasted good.


February 7, 2013

Ideas for spending Valentine's Day

The first idea that comes in my mind is a romantic weekend away.A lot of agencies offer city breaks in cities full of romance like Paris, Venice or Rome.If you don't want to get out of the city then why not start the day with a breakfast in bed and end the day with a romantic dinner at the restaurant.If you want to escape the crowd and live in a warm place where is not winter now, you could have a picnic.Other ideas would be a salsa night or going to a concert.If you've tried all these and just want a casual night you could go bowling -  it may not sound that romantic but it's fun.And you promise the winner gets a Valentine's Day special gift.Now it sounds better, right?Or do something fun that you both want to do and have never done it before.You'll sure remember this day!
If you're single like I am you can watch a marathon of romantic comedies or scary movies or even better invite all your single friends and have a pajama party.Sounds fun, right?I'll probably be catching up on Pretty Little Liars.Just discovered it and I like it.Mystery, romance and fashion.Perfect combo! 
How are you going to spend this day or are you anti-Valentine's Day?I didn't like this holiday before thinking that is made just for people to sell more and bla bla, but hey! it's an opportunity to celebrate love and why not? I'm pro everything that is beautiful.More reasons to celebrate, more happy people!



February 5, 2013

Valentine's Day - gift ideas for him

Valentine's Day - the official day of love is coming next week.Have you thought what to buy for the man in your life?Here are some gift ideas, and I'm not talking teddy bears and chocolate boxes.


1. tickets to a big game or a concert he wishes long to go
2. cooking book - if your boyfriend thinks he's the next Master Chef and just loves to surprise you with a home cooked dinner
3. if he loves his gadgets, he'll love a leather case for his tablet
4. his favorite perfume
5. wine rack for the one that appreciates a good wine
6. coffee table with a vintage twist for the man that loves to travel
7. shave gift set for the man that loves to take care of himself and look good
8. photo camera for the one passionate about photography


February 4, 2013

Celeb style

Love Miranda Kerr?Then you'll love this look too!
Steal her style by wearing a short dress with over-the-knee boots and a fabulous oversized bag.For a dose of mistery add a pair of sunglasses.You'll look sexy and gorgeous!
Celeb style