March 7, 2013

PLL fashion - Spencer

It's time to get back to my series of posts about the PLL fashion and today is Spencer's turn.She has a modern preppy, classic style.Spencer combines menswear-inspired pieces with feminine items.Her style is rather classic but she incorporates in her look modern preppy items like oxfords, plaid, loafers, nautical, stripes.She loves to layer with cardigans, blazers and combine different textures in her looks.When it comes to colors she prefers neutral tones like brown, beige, cognac, navy blue.If you want to steal her menswear-inspired, yet feminine style you could wear boyfriend jeans, a shirt and a blazer or pair a printed dress with a menswear-inspired blazer with ladylike tights and leather flat oxfords.Her everyday look is simple, but when it comes to parties Spencer goes for glam, but without betraying her style.She looks elegant, lady-like and polished with classic jewelry.
I don't like the phase that she's going through right now and I hope that she'll get out of Radley soon.I miss the old Spender.
Colors: neutral tones
Accessories: classic jewelry
Shoes: oxfords
Signature item: blazer

 Cardigan  -  Dress  -  Bag  -  Oxfords

Blazer  -  Shirt  Jeans  -  Bag  -  Oxfords
 Outfits inspired by her style.Which one do you like?

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  1. She's my favourite, love her preppy style!

  2. Nice girl! I love the style:)

  3. Spencer style is That one I like less !!!! I love Hanna & Aria style !!!!
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  4. I love Spencer's style, its the perfect masculine vs feminine mix and the pieces she choices are easy to replicate and style. Another Great PLL post!

  5. Lovely looks! ;))

  6. I think of all the girls on PLL, Spencer's style is my favourite - even in the most effortless pieces, she always looks perfectly put together!

  7. Her style is my favorite!! So classy!!


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