March 1, 2013

Happy Martisor Day!

Today we are celebrating the official coming of spring and also a romanian tradition called Martisor.From ancient times people were celebrating the coming of spring with rituals that are now forgotten.But we still have a tradition that lasted until present day: offering a small gift that has attached a white and red string.Girls are the ones that receive them and wear them during the whole month or at least in the first day of March.Giving these martisoare is a gesture of friendship, love and respect.The two colors combined together (white and red) are the main characteristic of this tradition.Red simbolizes youth,wealth, beauty and is asociated with the coming of spring,birth and marriage while white is asociated with purity.

I wish you all a Happy Spring!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing that!!! I learn something new everyday! I love that tradition!

  2. What a fun tradition - thank-you for sharing this, I've learned something new today!

  3. That's a great tradition.enjoyed reading this post :)

  4. hi sweetie..
    i wish i could be there! great tradition!
    wanna follow each other dear?


  5. Hi, happy Martisor! :) It's a nice tradition and I'm happy that you've told it. :)
    Regando mi cactus

  6. hi sweetie,
    im your new follower. i follow you via gfc.
    keep posting dear!


  7. oh that's interesting to know! :D

    have a good weekend!
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