December 29, 2012

Ideas for New Year - part III

And now it's time for the third part of my outfit suggestions for New Year's Eve.This is an alternative for the old sequins we're always using when we want to look glamorous at a party.Why not try... feathers?Yes, you've heard read well.I'm suggesting you to wear a a feather dress...
Feather dress

... a feather blouse...

Feather blouse

 ... or why not a feather skirt?

Feather skirt

 Pair it with emerald, the color of 2013 and you'll look fabulous! My favourite one is the third look, I'd definitely wear it !Maybe it's an unusual choice and not everyone will like it, but it's definitely a bold choice that will set you apart from the other.
Have you decided on what to wear on New Year's Eve or you''ll decide before the party?Tell me your choices, I'm curious to find out how you're going to welcome the New Year.



  1. Cool post dear!

  2. More gorgeous outfits? Ahhh-mazing! everything looks so festive to me and perfect for the New Year's Eve party!

  3. Nice choice! The third look is my favorite.


  4. I might actually use one of those outfits!!


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