December 17, 2012

Party looks

Hello again, lovelies!
How was your weekend?I hope you had a great time doing whatever you wanted these couple of days, whether it was relaxing, partying with your friends or spending some quality time with family.
But today a new week starts and instead of our celebrity inspired look I was thinking of presenting you some outfits for your Christmas parties.So, this week, everyday I will present you my outfit ideas for a glamorous Christmas.
And what best way to say winter holidays than red?Everyone associates it with Christmas and maybe you find it a cliché to wear red at a Christmas party but this gorgeous maxi gown will attract all eyes.My favorite color for accessories are silver and gold.Maybe this is overused too but I think they compliment each other very well.For this look I chose a silver sparkly clutch.For jewelry I'd recommend keeping it as simple as possible or even better: no jewelry at all.
Stay tuned!More dresses are coming these days!

Party looks
Party looks by adriana-adrielle featuring high heel pumps
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  1. Lovely dress!


  2. love it! esp the fact that its red, stands out.


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