June 13, 2013

Bloglovin - know who is following you

As you probably know by now, Google Reader is closing soon, so a big question arises now: what do we use to follow all the blogs we like in one place? By connecting to GFC the blog would automatically show up in your Google Reader feed, thing that won't be possible anymore starting July 1, 2013.You can find their official announce here. We are probably going to lose many followers with this change, but a good idea is to move to Bloglovin. Most of the blogs already have Bloglovin, but I'm going to explain a little bit about it:
  1. You need to create an account on Bloglovin.
  2. When you sign up you can "claim" your blog and administrate it on Bloglovin.
  3. You can add the blogs you follow to a certain group for a better organization.
  4. Bloglovin offers you now the possibility to import your blogs from Google Reader so that you won't lose any of your favorite blogs. I've already imported all the data from my Google Reader. It doesn't take you long.
  5. Bloglovin also launched profile pages, so now people can see that your are following their blog.To claim a profile page and a custom URL that matches your blog name visit http://www.bloglovin.com/get_profile.You can only see who is following you and let others know that you follow them if you create a profile page. This is mine. 

 Don't wait any longer and create a profile page on Bloglovin

So if you've been following by blog for a while and want to stay updated or just found my blog and you like it, please follow my blog on Bloglovin in order not to miss any post.
Another option would be Feedly. I've tried it and it looks nice. There other alternatives too, but Bloglovin looks like it will stay here for long. What are you using instead of Google Reader? 


  1. I just made mine a couple of days ago!

    Great blog!!
    Always a fan,

  2. I too just started a bloglovin, but I have found it is harder to get follows through there or to ensure your GFC followers have connected with you on it. I also heard that just the google reader is going to be obsolete, but that the friend connector is staying, have you heard that?

    1. Yes, I know. They are not closing it now, but who knows what will happen in the near future? There are other similar options for Google reader, so we don't have to remove the GFC.
      If everyone would make a profile on Bloglovin, we could know who follows us.

  3. I'm already following with Bloglovin!


  4. I just dont get why GFC might be stoppin. It's so handy in my opinion.

  5. I just imported all my GFC followed blogs to Bloglovin, I am so annoyed that Google Reader is going away. Thank you for your kind words, I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!

  6. I recently created my profile too on Bloglovin! :)
    Its really depressing that Google Reader is going away! :(
    Google Plus | Bloglovin | Networked Blogs | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

  7. I really like your blog dear ;))



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