October 26, 2012

Beauty essentials

With all the cosmetics that are available on the market which are the products that any women should have in her makeup bag? I made a list with all the beauty essentials everyone should have:

1. foundation- you have to start with a good base so foundation is the first step in acquiring the perfect look. It’s very important to choose  one appropriate to your skin type and color. If you have an oily skin then go for a foundation that is oil free and has a  mattifying effect, but if you have a dry skin then choose a moisturizing foundation that illuminates your face
2. concealer  - you can use it to hide any imperfections on your skin or to mask dark circles after a long night
3. eyelash curler – I’ve recently discovered this item and I must say I’ve fallen in love with it. It works better when used on clean eyelashes and then apply mascara
4. black eye pencil -  to highlight  your eyes
5. mascara – the last touch for a seductive look
6. a lipstick or lip gloss that compliments your face. And always remember to highlight only one feature: lips or eyes. Use nude lipstick and dark eye make up or vice versa.
7. and the final product on my list: blush – use pink shades for light skin and peachy or bronzer for darker skin tones. A tip that the stylists recommend us is to match the lipstick with the blush
These are my beauty essentials. What about yours?

Beauty essentials

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics / Lancôme / Bare Escentuals lip makeup / Rimmel foundation / Laura Mercier pencil eyeliner / Bobbi Brown Cosmetics / Origins concealer, $26

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