April 6, 2012

Bird print - part one

        One of this season's trend is the bird print.We've seen it on the runway from Carolina Herrera to Marc Jacobs and others.We saw birds on dresses, blouses, skirts, scarves, bags, shoes and even on jewelry like rings and earrings.More subtle than the animal print, this trend brings the ideea of spring and freedom.
        There are many ways of taking this runway trend to your everyday life but never mix two massive bird print items together.Instead try to use only one printed item and keep the rest of the outfit simple.For example pair a bird printed blouse with a simple skirt, not very high heels and a tote bag for a day at work or add a funky bag with birds to a pair of jeans and a t-shirt for a casual look.
        Keep it simple and wear only one printed item to create the right look and not look like a clown.If you are a little scared to adopt this trend, you can add an accessory like a scarf or a ring.
        I honestly like this trend and I think it's very wearable.Maybe the whole bird print dress would be too much for me but that's just because I'm not very daring.
        What do you think?Would you adopt this trend?

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