March 2, 2013

PLL fashion - Emily

Earlier this week I started talking about PLL fashion.I made a first post about Aria's fashion choices and now is Emily's turn.Her style is more laid-back and comfortable showing her active lifestyle.She wears simple clothes with clean lines and loves to layer.Emily's style is fresh and lively, sporting bright colors, stripes, denim skirts, distressed jeans, cargo pants, off the shoulder tops, hoodies and t-shirts.She sticks to neutral tones mostly, but she does wear bright tops.Her shoes are always comfortable, she usually wears flats or sneakers and as for the accessories she wears oversized bags.As for the jewelry, she's not to flashy, wearing simple yet feminine items like small hoop earrings or silver necklaces.If you like her style and want to adopt it then wear a loose t-shirt with a mini denim skirt or skinny jeans or layer an oversized cardigan over a tight v-neck t-shirt.
Colors: white and blue
Shoes: sneakers
Accessories: silver necklace
Signature item: short denim skirt

 Cardigan - Top - Necklace - Bag - Skirt - Sneakers 

Do you like her style?

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  1. I totally love these post!! just going to watch the latest episode!! xoxo

  2. Emily has such a cool laid back type of style, it suits her sporty personality.

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  5. She's awesome :) LOve it!!
    You have a great blog, I have one too! If you want to have a look at it, it would be so nice :)

  6. Beautiful girl!

  7. I love Emily's style - like you said laid back and simple. Plus, she's stunning! x, Kat

    Love and Ace

  8. Nice inspirations! Thanks for your comment.. yes, I wanna follow each other... so, I am your new follower :)

  9. i didn't like Emily's style in the first season, but as the time progressed she upgraded her looks, and now i can honestly say that she is my favorite Liar, style wise. I love converse and she's wearing them very often. And she has a lovely hair.
    Nice enjoyable post :)

  10. In the first season was frsh and simple, but the others seasons become more girlish.


  11. Loving her's so cute & casual!

    The Other Side of Gray

  12. Thanks for your visit...wishing you a great week! P.S Your new profile picture looks so pretty.

  13. I like her style but I don't think it would suite me, she is so tall and beautiful!!!!
    Trendy Bow

  14. Hola guapa, no conocía el estilo de esta chica en la serie :) espectacular, me encanta!

    Un beso desde Stylish love

  15. Cute style! Lucy

  16. I love her hair! It's always so pretty!

  17. great simple casual style!! love that bag pick!! :D

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  18. She is such a beauty!!!!

  19. I'm not a big fan of her fashion style, but I think she's the prettiest one


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