September 24, 2012

Celeb style

Hi there, lovely people!
I know I've been missing for the last couple of weekes, buit it was for a good reson.A really good one...I finally got the chance to escape the city and have a holiday.The destination was a resort at the Black Sea called Neptun.Due to the fact that we went in september the resort was calm and quiet, no cars, no rush and my days were pure relaxation.Days spend at the beach or at the pool, evening walks on the beach...that's all I want.Since I was a child I wnted to move near the seside.Who knows?Maybe someday I'll move there or even near the ocean...just dreaming now...
I'll leave you now with another celebrity inspired look because it's Monday, but I promise I'll be back with some photos from my trip.Just a few, don't worry :)


Celeb style


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