July 6, 2012

New in

Hi, girls!I just received the products that I ordered from Yves Rocher.I'm so happy!Like a child that got a candy! :))
I ordered a pomegranate shower gel (loved the fact that it has natural ingredients and I also have a pomegranate lip balm and it smells awesome), a black eye pencil created for sensitive eyes like mine ;;), a body lotion with a light dose of self-tanner and I received that blue swimsuit as a gift.Now only the sun and the beach wait for me and hopefully I'll get to the seaside this year.I can feel it calling me...But until that happens I'll keep boring you with my posts.
See you soon!


  1. I adore Yves Rocher!!!


  2. My aunt use to always buy me Yves Rocher as gifts, I didn't realise it was still going, so will have to check it out


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